Unexpected Harmony

by Schubertiad

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A new record.

All songs, vocals, playing, programming, mixing, mastering, etc....by Scott Villard.


released March 22, 2014



all rights reserved


Schubertiad Honolulu

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Track Name: Padded Cell
I’m clawing the dirt at the edge of the world
I’m losing my head for a headstrong girl
But I don’t care
Gonna find me a padded cell

She cracked a smile when I came apart
She took a stab at my bleeding heart
But I don’t care
Throw me into a padded cell

I don’t care if it all goes away
I don’t care if it blows up today
I’ll be fine if there’s nothing more to say
Leave me there with lights out
Lights out
Lights out
In a padded cell

She shot me down by the side of the road
I’m choking on bile while my brains explode
But I don’t care
Lock me into your padded cell

She’ll pull me in and lead me astray
Turn around and push me away
She won’t say what I need her to say
All I want is some rope to be tied
And some time to heal what’s left of my pride
As I climb up the walls
And fall back on my face
It’s lights out
Lights out
Lights out
Lights out

I think she’s scheming to skin me alive
Shred to the bone, will my soul survive?
Well I don’t care
I can sense her there
Watching me twist and tear
Hear me wail
Like a dog
Like a dog
Just a dog
Your dog
In your padded cell
Track Name: Ball and Chain
Endless years
a sorrow I’ve sustained
sorrow I’ve sustained

Cursed by the light
I bear the mark of Cain
bear the mark of Cain

Hear my story

One baleful night
I was restless and strange
restless and strange

I heard a voice
from somewhere in the rain
somewhere in the rain

Raised my lantern

Through the trees
saw a figure bent with pain
a figure bent with pain

A man like me

And his eyes were pools of fire
but my mind was profane
my mind was profane

Swung my rifle

Saw him fall
but I swear I’m not to blame
I’m not the one to blame

Washed my hands
but I couldn’t clean the stain
couldn’t clean the stain

Blood on my head

Came the light, was the light of the world
it was calling out my name
calling out my name

Saw the flash, heard the crack in the sky
and it all went up in flame
all went up in flame

Burned my vision

Now hear my voice
as I whisper through the rain
whisper through the rain

I walk these hills
weary, with a ball and chain
weary, with a ball and chain

weary, with a ball and chain
weary, with a ball and chain
Track Name: Policy
Did you wish upon a falling star
when you couldn’t find a friend?
Fight the hate with everything you are
Try to turn it around again

So what’s your policy?
What do you need to believe?
Does your mind get in the way
When you kneel and pray that you’ll be

Do they stare? Well, everybody stares
Out of curiosity
Are you scared? Well, everybody’s scared
Join the rest of humanity

So here’s my policy
you don’t need to believe
speak your mind, but watch what you say
be yourself, then maybe you will be

Jealous of careless youth
Obsessed with the truth
Can’t seem to find it
no matter where you look

You don’t need another word of advice
least of all when it comes from me
But I’ve been along the same road twice
and I’ve seen everything you see

So you can take my policy
Or agree to disagree
I’m not saying you should obey
Do your best, ‘cause there’s no guarantee
Track Name: A Drowning Man
Standing still
Wondering where I've been
Feeling lost again

Caught a chill
When sorrow’s tide came in
Now washed out and paper thin

Oh, the waves of sleep
Roll across the land
But hold no escape
For the heart of a drowning man

Time to kill
As the days fade and spin
Or time will kill again

Tears to spill
Wash over paper skin
End the day and begin

Time stands still
Even if I can't win
I can get lost again
Track Name: Control
hello, little star
with your clothes off
and shoes by the door

she’s gone on her way
leaving stale air
and dust on the floor

did she deserve it,
all those lies you told?
it couldn’t be worth it
‘cause it’s only fools gold

you gaze from the window
of your cheap flat
with longing in your soul

you’re only a mortal
with these cravings
you keep half under control

so why don’t you change it,
and break free from this mold?
you’re bound to regret it
as your years unfold

You say it’s under control
it’s under control
it’s under control
it’s under control
But it’s out of control
it’s out of control

so you remain
with your chipped cup
and promises unsold

in your cramped kitchen corner
drinking tea dregs
to ward off the cold

now all your delusions
must be taking their toll,
and bear no illusions,
you’ve got no one to hold
no one to scold
no one that you can control

It’s under control
it’s under control…

farewell, little star
Track Name: Round the Bend
Had her fill of
locked herself in
her apartment

Empty bottles
broken dishes
gave up all her
earthly wishes

she said,
“it’s terminal,
too terrible,
to realize that I’ve
lost my head,
I’ve gone round the bend.”

Tried to live life
among the living
found the people
so unforgiving

she said,
“it’s terminal,
too terrible
to comprehend, but I’ve
lost my head,
I’ve gone round the bend.
I’m living dead,
I’ve gone round the bend.”

"and you know,
it’s criminal,
too terrible
to contemplate, but I’ve
lost my head,
I’ve gone round the bend.
I’m living dead,
I’ve gone round the bend.”
Oh, what she said,
“I’ve gone round the bend.
I’m out of my head,
I’ve gone round the bend.”
Track Name: The Waking World
I feel your body shake
my love, what’s haunting you?

no matter what you did
don’t let it torment you

you shiver as you speak
say anything, it’s only you and me

in our ordinary room
of our ordinary place
both fighting our own way
against the gloom

release your thoughts of dread
and accept a little grace
and soon there’ll be no trace
of the waking world

you see I’m just the same
ashamed of my mistakes

they’re buried but not gone, never gone
they’ll rise again like spirits from the grave

in our ordinary room
of our ordinary place
I’m trying to allay
your sense of doom

come close and rest your head
strip off your silk and lace
we’ll turn our backs upon the face
of the waking world

so throw your burden down
let your tensions unwind
just try to focus on the sound of my voice

I’m forgiving you
and I promise I’ll still keep you warm and safe

so let’s join again as one
till exhaustion carries both of us away

from our ordinary room
of our ordinary place
as we’re locked in our embrace
pure as infants from the womb

bodies strewn across the bed
souls drawn up into space
we’ve made good our escape
from the waking world
Track Name: Unexpected Harmony
they say the showers of April
will bring the flowers of May
feels like spring again

like unexpected harmony
it takes your breath away
can’t help but sing again

the world is always moving
seems there’s no time to stop and play
you’ve got to keep the pace

then unexpected harmony
brings color to your day
and a smile to your face

think you know it
think you’ve seen it all
come out
come out

come and greet it
new life abounds

and who knows but
you could change
Track Name: Turn It On!
Turn it on!
Rise above!
Gonna try!
Need to love!

O how long, how long, how long,
sink the moon and wake the dawn

Follow where the spirit’s drawn,
breach the gates and raise the song

Turn it on!
Rise above!
Gonna try!
Need to love!

O how long, how long, how long,
curse the dark and break the bonds

Won’t be happy ‘til it’s gone,
free the captive, turn it on

Turn it on!
Rise above!
Gonna try!
Need to love!

O we’re carrying the ashes
of everything we ever wanted
wounds still sting from our clashes
bandage them up and begin again.

Yes, we’re clinging to the remnants
of everyone who ever left us
bruised and battered descendants
gotta move on to begin again

Rest yourself for a moment
look at the world all around you
take a deep breath, try to hold it
then you let go and begin again

So I’m sending out a message
must be someone who can hear me
we can walk out of the wreckage
we can stand strong and begin again
so let’s begin again

Turn it on!
Rise above!
Gonna try!
Need to love!
Track Name: Save Me, O Superman
Superman gets up and he puts on his clothes
Leaps buildings, but what does he know
About the schemes and plans of the ordinary man?

But he was let go from his newspaper job
Crawled inside a bottle and sobbed
Cursed those who gained from causing him pain
for profit’s sake

And Superman is starting to look more like me
Gets run down continually
By life’s frequent trials until he can’t see
What little light’s left in the land of the free

Well, Superman walked home through three feet of snow
In a blizzard wind twenty below
He’s stiff and he’s tired, sits down to the fire

Then the neighborhood became quiet and calm all around
And the driveway, still buried in mounds
All he had done was coming undone
and the universe might yet make it worse

And Superman is starting to sound more like me
Gets discouraged so easily
By life’s frequent heartbreaks until he can’t breathe
Is there any point in holding on to yesterday’s dreams?
Can you save me? Can you still save me?
O Superman

And they make
Ignorance an object of pride
And difference they just can’t abide
Go back to your planet, we don’t need your kind!

Like a good man, he tried to do everything right
To see colors, not just black and white
But now fact’s become fiction, and truth a dereliction
from ideology and political purity

And Superman is trying to be more like me
Only certain of uncertainty
Clearing out all false clarity
And though life’s beat me down I’ve got to believe
If you give what you can, you may find what you need
A place where compassion’s in the language we speak
Can I save you? Can you save me?
Can I save you, and can you still save me?
O Superman